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ZAMA Health and Beauty  is a leading non-sterile packager of oral health care products in unit dose, bottle, pouch and tubes. Zama has specialized in packaging dental whitening gels for both retail and the professional market. Our specialty equipment is designed to process whitening products so stability issues are eliminated. 

We specialize  in dry mouth sprays that instantly refreshes and moistens dry mouth while  containing  beneficial enzymes found in saliva, to help maintain the oral environment and help provide protection against dry mouth symptoms.



For all inquiries on ORALTENE DRY MOUTH SPRAY products and all our products in Bangladesh please contact our distributor:
Farhan Trading 77 Dilara Tower,
340 shonargaon road,
Hatirpool, Dhaka- 1205
Contact telephone: +8801833080450


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Oraltene Dry Mouth Revitalizing Spray
Instant Moisturizing and Moistening Dry Mouth Symptoms Relief Fights Mouth Odor Fights Cavities, and Gingivitis (gum disease) With Beneficial Protein Enzymes Denti...

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Refreshing Breath Cleansing Mouth Wash
Natural antiseptic mouthwash fortified with minerals and vitamins for healthy enamel,and gum. Flights dental plaques and removes food deposit. Ideal for sensitive gums and brace wearers. Contain so...

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Sparkle Teeth Bleaching Powder
With Endee "Sparkle teeth bleaching powder is a professional Strength Formula, you have no need for a trip to dentist for professional whitening or cleaning. You may now do it yourself at home when...

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Teeth Whitening Mouth Wash Natural
Natural antiseptic mouthwash fortified with calcium for healthy enamel, vitamin C for healthy gum, baking soda and deionized peroxide prevents gum irritation as it whiten the enamel. Contain sodium...

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Tooth Paste and Whitening Gels
This is a custom formula, made upon order according to your specifications and guidelines. Endee compounding pharmacist will help you determine the right concentration for the the type of toothpast...

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